WordPress with Divi installation (incl. hosting)

€75 setup + €75 yearly (next years will be billed separately)

Basic Wordpress installation with your chosen domain, including the Divi builder and recommended plugins. Get ready to start building! ​Support available.

Hosting (for one year)
Hosting, Divi and domain costs for one year.
75.00 incl. VAT: 75.00
Wordpress installation
One-time costs for the installation a fresh Wordpress website with the Divi builder and recommended plugins.
75.00 incl. VAT: 75.00


Do you want to create your own website, but you don’t want to bother about hosting, domains and email? Do you want to be able to create beautiful designs (without bothering about code) and see the result of your design immediately?

Get a WordPress installation with the Divi builder and recommended plugins (value up to €250). Including hosting, domain and email. Package deal: €150 for the first year. Costs after first year: €75 per year. You will get a fresh WordPress website with the Divi builder and other recommended plugins on a domain of your choice. You can start building right away (setup time usually a few days).

Building in WordPress is not for the faint of heart. There is a learning curve for both WordPress and Divi. I recommended you to watch some online tutorials to get started. If you are not scared away by this fact, then you are good to go! You can book website support if you need for explanation how to work with WordPress and Divi or to get unstuck with the details.

You will get:

  • Webhosting (value between €30 and €50 yearly)
  • A domain name (value between €5 and €30 yearly)
  • One email box and one email forward address
  • Life long installation of Divi (value €80 a year)
  • Fresh WordPress installation with recommended plugins (value €100)

Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions

All fees are excluding VAT. You can be VAT exempt if you have a valid VAT number in the EU or own a business outside of the EU.


Hosting package of a maximum of 1GB, including email. Extra space can be bought for a yearly fee of €10 per GB.


Domain names are chosen from .com, .eu, .uk, .org,  .net, .de, .fr, .be, or .nl. Other domain names may require extra payment. Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate included.


Limited to one email box and one forward address, created at the start of your subscription. More addresses or forwards (or adjustments) can be created for a one time fee of €10 per email address any time during the subscription. Maximum size of email box is 1GB (including hosting website).


The Divi installation is only available for the WordPress installation that comes with the ‘Do It Yourself’ package. It cannot be transferred to another website.


Extra support available for €75 per hour.

This offer is only valid as long as you pay the yearly payment in advance. If you cancel your ‘Do It Yourself’ subscription within the first three years, your hosting and domain will be canceled, one year after the last yearly payment. After three years, you have the option to transfer the domain and hosting package to your own account at Versio hosting company, including the Divi license.

Only one offer per person.

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